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Building Inspectors from the Office of State Fire Marshall are going house to house performing damage assessments to homes impacted by Tropical Storm Fred. If inspectors determine that the damage is severe enough your electricity may be turned off to prevent further damage to property or life.

If your electricity is turned off, please go to Haywood County Building Inspections, 157 Paragon Parkway, Clyde NC 28721 to get a temporary electricity permit.

Haywood County has waived the permit fee for this service.

Homeowners will need to install a temporary electricity pole, then have it inspected by Haywood County Building Inspections before Duke or HEMC will reactivate the electric service. For questions regarding this service, please call Haywood County Development Services at 828-452-6638.

While this may seem like one more hurdle for those impacted by Tropical Storm Fred, these steps are required by the State Building Code and are designed to protect the public from further tragedy.

For those returning to damaged homes, be aware that homes that have already been inspected will have color-coded tags — Red, Yellow, or Green, that signify the level of damage, red is severe, yellow, moderate, and green, minimal. 

All homes that are tagged will need a permit to begin restoration work. Homeowners should seek the assistance of Haywood County Building Inspections at 157 Paragon Pkwy.

Mobile home restoration and repair will require evaluation & certification by a professional engineer, please ask the building inspection office for assistance with this.

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