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Haywood County Emergency Medical Service is a county-owned and operated medical service established in 1968 to provide the citizens and visitors of Haywood County with high-quality pre-hospital care and medical transport services.

Haywood County’s land area covers 553 square miles and as of July 2022 has a population of over 62,000 people, during the spring, summer, and especially fall, the population swells with tourists and snowbird residents enjoying the mountains.

62 Full-time employees

40 Part-time employees

20 Incident Management Team volunteers

Haywood County Emergency Medical Service operates with four rotating shifts providing the majority of coverage throughout the week.

Each shift works 24 hours on, 72 hours off manning one of seven bases throughout the county.

In addition, each shift also includes:

1 “floater” ambulance team

1 supervisor quick response vehicle

2022 In Review

14,215   calls for service (6% increase)

11,680  patients transported

9:41 average response time


Have a billing question or need to make a payment? Haywood County Emergency Services’ billing is handled by EMS Management & Consultants. Use this link to visit their site.

Looking for information about transportation to the VA?

EMS Snapshot: June 2023

Call Volume

Avg time from call to on scene: 9:15

Busiest Day: Friday

Busiest Time of Day: 3 p.m.

Community Paramedic Home Visits

Call Types






On-the-job injuries: 2

Equipment Damages: 2

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