HIGHLIGHTS: Weather conditions yesterday moderated fire behavior, giving crews the opportunity to work on primary and contingency dozer and handlines.

Along the Appalachian Trail, hand line was completed from the communications site east to Brown Gap and continues west towards I-40. On the eastern side of the fire, hand line has begun along the Groundhog Creek drainage from the Appalachian Trail to the north and I-40 to the south. A dozer completed contingency line work along Cold Spring Creek Road (Forest Roads 148 and 148A) from I-40 to Brown Gap at the Appalachian Trail.

Work on containment lines will continue today, taking advantage of the weather before anticipated winds tomorrow and rain Tuesday and Wednesday. An increase of fire activity is expected this afternoon as the sun dries fuels out – active fire will be visible along I-40 and smoke will remain in the area throughout the day.

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