Projected snowfall for January 12-13, 2023

Rain, Rain, More Rain

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Excess rain is all around us this week, and complicating things is a series of tropical systems developing in the Atlantic. Of biggest concern:
1. Excess rain could cause flooding in some areas. The threat will depend on where the rain falls and how much. SO far, periods of rain have been spread out enough in Haywood that flooding isn’t an issue.
2. Lots of rain means saturated soil, which could lead to landslides in areas prone to them. More rain in short periods of time increases the risk.
3. Tropical Storm development. As always, we’re keeping a close eye on the tropics as storm systems develop. For now, it’s too soon to say if anything brewing will impact us here. The concern if storms do track this way is rain on top of rain. Again, over-saturated soils are unstable, and back-to-back heavy rain further decreases the watershed capacity, increasing the risk of flooding.
For now, those are worries for another day while we wait, watch, and remain prepared.
Instead of worrying, take a moment to prepare. Check your emergency kit, go over your family’s emergency plan, buy a weather radio, and stay weather aware.
We’ll keep you posted here as updates are available.
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